Our Team at Pumice Creek Lodge

Gary LaRose
Gary LaRose

I opened Pumice Creek Lodge in 1992. I had taken over my father’s hunting camp and rebuilt it to accommodate fishermen. My first group was from Switzerland and they have returned many times since. Now they are bringing their adult children that had heard of the lodge all of their lives. Prior to opening the lodge I worked as a meat department manager for Safeway Stores Inc for 23 years. This has given me a great back ground in fish and meat care which is a great benefit to the clients.

Since the time I first guided hunters when I was 19, I wanted to be in the guide business. Although it took me 23 years to fully get into the business, I had guided part time for my father over the years and also did my own sheep hunts during my vacation from Safeway.

To be a guide in Alaska you need to fly. At 22 I earned my private pilot license over a four month period. That allowed me to learn to fly which is always an ongoing process. At this time I have accumulated over 9,000 hours flying primarily in the Alaskan bush. I now hold a commercial pilots license with a multiengine and instrument ratings. And so I can fix my own planes, I a FAA certified air frame and engine mechanic.

I have three adult children and am happily married to Dr. Carol LaRose and live in Anchorage Alaska.

Rudy McPherren
Rudy McPherren

Rudy also worked at Safeway stores and joined LaRose Guide Service and Pumice Creek Lodge in the seventies. He worked as a pack and a guide over the years and after retirement 2008 he began working as a fishing guide in the summer and fall. Rudy has a great personality and is known to show clients a great time whether on the river on at the lodge telling his eight jokes. In those rare times the weather grounds us, Rudy is ready with his deck of cards and poker chips for a game of Texas Hold’em to entertain the guests. He is also a great guide. He know the river very well and can take you to the most productive spots.

Cinder, The Wonder Dog

Cinder joined the staff in 2005 as the 6 month old lodge mascot. He was soon flying out every day to join the fishermen on the river. While there he will watch the fish being caught and join you to see how big it is. He has also been known to bring a stick to the fishers to throw for him. Sometimes endlessly. You will find it hard to come into the lodge and not say hi to him as you pass his dog bed. He is also great when fishing the small streams for Arctic Char. The guides will carry a shot gun for protection but the best defense is Cinders nose. His reaction to the scent of a bear is explosive and instantaneous. You will fish without worry.

Johnny Bishop
Johnny Bishop, Cook

Johnny is from Tennessee and comes up to Alaska just to cook at Pumice Creek Lodge. He cakes, pies and cookies are well known and looked forward to by retuning clients. He also puts in a great effort keeping everything clean and orderly. He has a nice southern accent that is easy to like and he doesn’t mind to my if you try to imitate it either.

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